Russian Fisheries Company is an innovator in the industry
  • High-tech production of deep processing products
  • Construction of new highly efficient vessels in Russia
  • Automation of production and business processes
Key areas of strategic
development of the RFC
Environmentally friendly production
Environmentally friendly production
RFC consistently reduces the negative impact on the environment, including the reduction of greenhouse gas and plastic emissions
RFC creates highly productive, safe and comfortable workplaces on vessels of the new generation
Deep processing
Deep processing
RFC increases production of deeply processed products, including a new product for the Russian fish industry, which is Pollock surimi
Waste-free production
Waste-free production
RFC ensures waste-free production with the highest ecological standards, processing 100% of catches (including waste from the main production) into products with high added value
Forward fleet
Forward fleet
RFC builds the world’s most efficient fishing fleet
Process automation
Process automation
RFC implements large-scale digitalization of production and business processes
Customer service
Customer service
RFC ensures a high level of customer satisfaction and customer service
RFC goals
until 2026
Commissioning of 11 super trawlers of the new generation.
10 of them are being built in Russia as part of the state program of investment quotas.
Increase in the share of fillet and surimi production to at least 95%
in total production (in raw Pollock)
Entering the TOP-40
of global companies in the seafood industry by revenue indicator
Providing an average customer satisfaction rate
NPS at least 8 out of 10
Achieving minimum emissions
of greenhouse gases and plastic per kilogram of production among the world's Pollock producers
Increasing labor productivity by 2 times
as for catching and product processing per 1 employee
Best employer in the Far East
among fishing companies according to professional organizations

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