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Russian Fishery Company Leads Pollock Catch in Season A 2024

In the A season of 2024, the RFC demonstrated an 11% increase in pollock catch compared to 2023, with the supertrawlers "Captain Vdovichenko" and "Vladimir Limanov" leading the rankings in catch volume.

During the A season, four supertrawlers were in operation: "Vladimir Limanov", "Captain Vdovichenko", "Mechanic Maslak", and "Mechanic Sizov". All four vessels secured positions among the top ten fishing vessels. In the B season, they will be joined by a new vessel, "Captain Martynov", as part of a systematic strategy to renew the company’s fishing fleet. RFC maintains close communication with the Federal Agency for Fishery and the Ministry of Industry and Trade, providing regular updates on vessel construction progress. The company is confident that government support measures for shipbuilding will enable the timely completion of all fishing vessels within the legislated timeframe.

The company continues to expand the production of deeply processed products, paying special attention to product quality and environmental sustainability. The RFC holds leading positions in the production of pollock fillet (15.3 thousand tons, a 14% increase from 2023) and surimi (19.5 thousand tons, a 66% increase from 2023), with a particular emphasis on surimi grades A and B. RFC also maintains a leading position in roe production. Processing fish directly on the vessels prevents double freezing, preserving the valuable properties of the fish.

"RFC's leadership in Season A 2024 is a clear affirmation of the effectiveness and capabilities of our new ST-192 vessels. We extend our gratitude to every team member for their hard work. Collaboration across all departments is crucial to achieving the best results. We place a strong emphasis on developing our production system, training vessel crews, and advancing our key personnel program, enabling us to maintain high standards, increase catches, and deliver high-quality products to our consumers." stated Olga Naumova, General Director of RFC.

Pollock products, including fillet and surimi, continue to exhibit strong growth in domestic market supplies, with a 46% increase compared to 2023. RFC is actively promoting pollock consumption in Russia through various initiatives, including the "O!Mega Vkus" pollock festival, which introduces consumers to the health benefits of this wild white fish. RFC's products also enjoy strong demand internationally, with significant growth in fillet and surimi exports to China, Southeast Asian countries, and the first shipments to Vietnam (boneless/gutted, fillet).

RFC's supertrawlers are the largest and most technologically advanced fishing vessels in Russia. Each new vessel is designed for an annual catch of 60,000 tons of fish, representing a 2.5-fold increase in productivity compared to vessels that currently form the backbone of the fishing fleet in the Russian Far East.

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