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RFC performance in 2023: leadership and new achievements

In 2023, the Russian Fishery Company captured over 391 thousand tonnes of aquatic bioresources, 27% more than in 2022, showing the greatest growth among the largest pollock quota holders. The company continues to invest in its new fleet, grow and promote the fishing profession, and encourage the public to consume environmentally friendly and safe pollock products.


In 2023, the company's vessels had the best KPI in the Far East basin. The RFC super trawlers reaffirmed the new fleet's high productivity: by the end of 2023, the Kapitan Vdovichenko and Vladimir Limanov super trawlers caught more than 115 thousand tonnes of pollock. The total catch of the RFC fleet was more than 391 thousand tonnes, 27% more than in 2022.

The RFC continues to invest in the construction of modern ST-192 model fishing vessels under the state investment quota program. In 2023, two new super trawlers were added to the company's fleet: Mekhanik Maslak and Mekhanik Sizov. The new-generation vessels have the capacity for advanced processing of up to 100% catches directly on-board.

Other highlights of the year included winning the Regional Achievements award, where the RFC super trawlers of the ST-192 design got the most votes. As of the end of 2023, four ST-192 vessels — Vladimir Limanov, Kapitan Vdovichenko, Mekhanik Maslak, and Mekhanik Sizov — were carrying out fishing operations as part of the new fleet.

The company plans to maintain its high performance in the basin and improve fishing efficiency and safety throughout 2024. The RFC will introduce another new super trawler, Kapitan Martynov, into its fleet. It has already completed factory sea trials. The company will also keep on building more new vessels at the Admiralty Shipyards in St. Petersburg.


The Russian Fishery Company continues to improve its product line for consumers from all over the world. Systemic work on exploring and opening new markets its its important development priority.

The RFC is making its production processes more efficient while also maintaining its focus on a higher output of advanced-processed pollock products. In 2023, this approach brought it to the top rankings in pollock fillet production (more than 30 thousand tonnes, or + 8% to 2022) and surimi production (also more than 30 thousand tonnes, or + 136% to 2022). The RFC's caviar campaign of 2023 broke the past 5 years' record, exceeding 7 thousand tonnes (+ 27% to the 2022 performance). In terms of caviar revenue, as many as 7 RFC vessels entered the top 20 in the Far East basin, with the new super trawlers Kapitan Vdovichenko and Vladimir Limanov ranking 1st and 2nd respectively. Year-end output for all products rose to 210,000 tonnes (+24% to 2022).

The company is committed to keeping its product quality at a high level and to improving its product ranged. New products were introduced in 2023, as the super trawler Vladimir Limanov set the course for top-grade A1 surimi.

Consumption development

In 2023, the RFC continued to grow the supply of advanced-processed products to the domestic and export market. Shipments to the domestic market increased by 24% compared to 2022, including advanced-processed products: sea- and shore-frozen pollock fillets. In particular, the RFC increased its supply of high-quality organic pollock surimi to domestic imitation crab producers by 217%. Shipments of pollock fillets and minced pollock increased by 80%.

The Russian Fishery Company increased its presence in key markets: China, Korea, Japan, and other Southeast Asian countries. Asian sales of high value-added products increased by 59% (in tonnes). The RFC has also entered into completely new markets, with the first shipments made to Mexico, Egypt, Côte d'Ivoire, and Malaysia. The overall sales of RFC products increased by 121% (in tonnes).

The RFC has worked hard throughout 2023 to encourage wild whitefish consumption. As part of fostering a pollock consumption and promotion culture, Russia held its first pollock festival, O!Mega Taste, in 2023. More than 300,000 people visited the festival over the course of several weeks, and restaurant chefs prepared over 30,000 dishes. In 2024, the festival will extend to the entire country, offering even more pollock dishes to residents of different Russian cities.

The company is actively working with food processors to create new pollock products. In 2023, the RFC took part in the Agama Run event, aimed at celebrating new fish products. Its pollock products were among the top three winners and were also separately recognized in a special category. The work of Kaliningrad State Technical University and Far Eastern Fisheries University teams won Best Project.

Fishing as a job

As part of developing its human resources potential, the company is expanding its scholarship program outreach: in 2023, the program was joined by 3 more industry-specific Russian universities. The RFC is currently working together with the Far Eastern Fisheries University (Dalrybvtuz), the G.I. Nevelsky State University in Vladivostok, Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping in St. Petersburg, and Kaliningrad State Technical University. The scholarship program pool has been expanded from 10 to 60 students, whom the RFC will be happy to employ in the future. There currently are more opportunities for additional professional training as well: the company is funding a unique training program for BAADER operators, the range of classes offered before fishing trips has become more extensive, and employees are given a chance to master a second profession (slinger, winch operator, qualified sailor) at the company's expense. The Group launched a key expert retention program in 2023, and more than 200 ship crew members joined it over the remaining months of the year. In total, over 500 best employees with top end-of-voyage performance will participate in the program, forming the core of the full-time crews on the company's vessels

The fishing profession has been around for many years. It is often passed down from parents to children, forming dynasties that we are very proud of and will continue to support. These are the kind of people who become the ambassadors of the profession. The year 2024 has been declared the Year of the Family, and the fishing community has always been considered a big family with steadfast traditions and values. Today this profession is reaching a new level - safe automated workplaces, innovative technologies used in catching and processing fish, stable high salaries.

Social initiatives

The Company remains involved in projects aimed at the region's development, supporting the Clean Coast environmental initiative, helping students at boarding school No. 1 for rehabilitating children with hearing impairments, and sponsoring the Dynamo and Dalrybvtuz basketball teams. It also consolidates social initiatives and joint events, like the Schitovaya Street cleanups during the 2023 season, which saw participation from the RFC's partners: the Dynamo and Dalrybvtuz basketball clubs and the G.I. Nevelsky State University.

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