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RFC makes a statement as Far East's fishing industry driver at Maritime Congress-Far East

The Russian Fishery Company (RFC) told the Maritime Congress about the current development programs for the Far East region. The company's presenters discussed illuminating case studies about addressing the industry's most salient challenges, and shared their vision for the industry's future. Russian Pollock Factory experts gave the congress attendees a series of tours, introducing them to the unique facilities and equipment on the production site. The guests were able to learn more about the company and its prospective plans at the Primorsky Region booth.

The Russian Fishery Company (RFC) has attended the Maritime Congress — Far East in Vladivostok, a fishery industry highlight that brought together over 1200 attendees representing many different countries. A global leader in pollock harvesting, RFC enriched the event with its unique vision for the further development of the maritime industry in a new economic environment.

«The Far East truly leads Russia's maritime industry in every respect, and its fisheries, too, have posted some notable achievements. In just two years, the Russian Fishery Company has increased its supply of high value-added products to the Russian market by a factor of ten. We keep working to enhance our quality and develop new consumer products. RFC is proud of its business practices. We boast 100% waste free production. We use ships equipped with desalination units, and we carry on a range of environmental initiatives, including Clean Shores. We invest in our fishermen's education, we encourage the consumption of eco-friendly, organic domestic produce, and, last but not least, we contribute to raising the region's traveler appeal by hosting the Oh, Yum! pollock festival. Our company is an eminent contributor toward the region's prosperity»

said Savely Karpukhin, who took the helm of RFC on June 1.

RFC's most valuable asset are its people, RFC Deputy CEO for HR Management Andrei Richter told the panel discussion on Maritime Careers for Young People: What Schools Teach and What Companies Offer. RFC's new vessels come with safe, fully automated workplaces, offering a dramatically enhanced standard of comfort for employees. In addition, the company offers competitive wages and corporate bonuses.

RFC's CTO Konstantin Globenko told the discussion panel titled Ship Repair, Equipment and Parts in Primorsky Region about the company's plans to set up a new service center in Vladivostok, which is meant to help shape Russia's maritime repair services market by enabling local contractors to gain pertinent expertise. RFC illuminated the congress audience on its recent experience in maritime high-tech collaborations with Southeast Asian nations. When all parties are ready for dialogue, success is just around the corner. 

On May 30 and 31, the Russian Pollock Factory welcomed a delegation of the Maritime Congress — Far East fishery industry forum. The guests explored the production site at length, gaining a pretty good idea of how the largest fish processing enterprise in Primorsky Region operates.

The Primorsky Region booth, which featured RFC, offered the guests further insights about shipbuilding and fish harvesting.

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