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RFC at Seafood Expo 2023

The VI Global Fishery Forum & Seafood Expo Russia, one of the fishing sector's key events, was held in St. Petersburg from September 27 to 29. The industry highlight of the year saw the attendance of official delegations and business representatives from 75 countries and 85 regions of Russia, totaling around 18 thousand individuals. The Russian Fishery Company counted among the forum's most active exhibitors and participants. It presented its activities in the exhibition area and as part of the business program, in addition to starting a series of culinary workshops.
At the RFC booth, company experts gave the exhibition's visitors and participants a detailed account of the product line, the process of building and upgrading the fishing fleet, as well as the company's news and plans. They also presented the new products created together with the company's partners, for example, surimi balls with different fillings from Meridian. During the exhibition, RFC signed a partnership with Meridian Company, aimed at promoting and expanding the sales of pollock products in the Russian market, including as part of the annual O!Mega Taste festival.

While presenting the product and the festival, Artyom Martirosov, chef at the CrabsQutabs and Black Thai restaurants in Moscow, prepared pollock fillet in almond meal with seagrapes. This dish was a delightful surprise for the exhibition attendees.

RFC speakers also participated in several forum sessions. For instance, Sergey Parshin, RFC's Director of Production, made an appearance at a round table during the international scientific and educational forum, titled "From Higher Education to Business: Innovative Technologies for Creating High-Quality Products". Close cooperation and scientific and educational partnership between universities, business, and industry research institutes are necessary for the effective launch of new production facilities and the development of existing fish processing enterprises capable of releasing competitive fish products of high quality. During his speech, Sergey Parshin elaborated on a new technical job in the Russian market, the Baader equipment operator, and shared RFC's experience of the RRPC in training such professionals, since universities and vocational colleges are not currently offering any education in the field, and Baader operators are difficult to find in the labor market. RFC, therefore, has teamed up with the Far Eastern State Technical Fishery University and LLC Navada to create its own advanced training center for the profession. Denis Golnev, RFC's Director of Digitalization, participated in the session titled "Digitalization. No Turning Back", where he discussed the practical application of modern technologies that enhance the efficiency of new RFC vessels, the challenges encountered and the potential solutions, as well as the systems that have replaced levers and the specialists needed in the industry as a result. Alexey Merkulov, RFC's Director of Strategic Communications, contributed to the presentation of the new brand category, the Far Eastern Pollock. The brand's business objective is to grow the domestic fish product market and double the consumption of pollock products nationwide through repositioning and further promoting pollock to various consumer groups. The project is designed to boost domestic demand and, as a result, increase sales.

While the impact of the company's participation in the forum is yet to be evaluated, it is already clear that this type of communication is crucial and necessary for the industry. It allows all partners to collaboratively address common issues and explore new cooperation opportunities.
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