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RFC Shapes the Professional Path with Students of Industry-Specific Universities

The Career Day of the Russian Fishery Company (RFC) took place at the Vladivostok Marine Fishery College (VMFC) on March 13, 2024. The purpose of the event was to introduce future professionals to the fisherman's trade. Company representatives told students about the in-demand fleet specialties, as well as about opportunities for internships and employment

For the Russian Fishery Company, a systematic approach is crucial, focusing on establishing long-term relationships with universities, fostering scholarship programs, and engaging fleet specialists in educational seminars to cultivate its own talent pool and improve professional skills of future fishing industry workers. Career Day is one of the key events designed to engage with students from industry-specific educational institutions.

"Now, the primary focus of RFC is to attract young professionals, our future employees. Currently, these young people are gaining theoretical knowledge, but when they join us, they will have the opportunity to put it into practice. This event is of utmost importance to us as it allows us not only to introduce students to our company and its specialties but also to gauge their interest in the profession, their attitude toward it, and their future aspirations"

noted Natalia Datsko, HR Director of Russian Fishery Company LLC

The Russian Fishery Company invited professionals to the event who shared their expertise with the students and responded to their queries.

The announcement of the RFC scholarship recipients was the main highlight of Career Day. Seven VMFC students specializing in "Operation of ship electrical equipment and automation" and "Processing of aquatic bioresources" were chosen and awarded the company's badge of honor.

Following the formal part of the event, students were invited to participate in a competition to create the best name for the Program for the Development and Promotion of the Fisherman's Profession, initiated by the Federal Agency for Fishery (FAR) and RFC. The teams participated in three rounds, each requiring them to come up with names that would highlight the prestige, history, traditions, and promising future of the fishing profession. By the end of the competition, teams had submitted over 60 different name and legend suggestions.

Fishing is one of the most enduring traditional professions, with a long history. The best customs in fishing are passed down from generation to generation, creating entire dynasties and shaping values. Today this profession is reaching a new level: enhancing fishermen's workplaces and working conditions, regular career guidance sessions with the younger generation, and career growth programs for young professionals — all these factors are shaping the fishing industry.

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