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"O! Mega Taste" Festival Preparing Lots of Pollock for Its Guests

The second gastronomic pollock festival "O! Mega Taste" is held in Russia's Far East capital. In 2024, the Central part of Russia, Khabarovsk Krai, and cities of Primorsky Krai have joined the list of participating regions. The festival will feature culinary masterpieces, a vibrant celebration, and affordable prices for pollock products. The Russian Fishery Company, one of Russia's major wild white fish producers, supplies the products for the festival.

A special menu with pollock dishes will be available at 30 gastronomic projects in Primorye from May 18 to June 2. The chefs of the establishments will discover the taste of wild white fish in a new way. Signature dishes will include popcorn fries, harumaki, pâtés, miso ramen with pollock, and fresh takes on taste of familiar dishes like fisherman soup and fried fish.

The city part of the festival will be held on Sportivnaya Gavan (Sports Harbor) embankment in Vladivostok on May 25–28. The venue will also feature Far Eastern gastronomic projects with pollock dishes. The festival will offer cooking classes, lectures, and musical performances for the attendees.

During the festival, retail chains in the Central Russia, Khabarovsk and Primorsky Krai will offer promotions for pollock products. Guests of the street festival in Vladivostok can buy fresh products for special prices.

The mission of the event is to integrate pollock dishes into the restaurant industry and the food culture of Russians. After tasting dishes by chefs, consumers can cook them at home.

Pollock is a unique, natural, and eco-friendly product. It's easy to cook and can develop new taste profiles on its own or when combined with other ingredients. During the festival, chefs will rediscover pollock for consumers highlighting beneficial properties of wild fish frozen in the sea to preserve its natural freshness. Nutritionists advise eating fish dishes several times a week.

The festival is hosted by the Russian Fishery Company (RFC), Gastronomic Map of Russia, and Visit Primorye. The festival is supported by the government of Primorsky Krai.

The strategic partners of the festival include the Pollock Catchers Association (launching the country's first initiative to promote the Far Eastern Pollock fish brand) and X5 Group.

The festival is also supported by the RusQuality organization (in promoting fish products and the Russian Fish project), the Fish Union, and the Fishery Shipowners Association (FSA).

The festival has been held in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Sochi and will continue developing and implementing initiatives to promote high-quality and safe pollock products nationwide.

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