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Russian Fishery Company has defined new grant-holders among cadets of Admiral G.I. Nevelskoy Maritime State University


The contest for educational grants of Russian Fishery Company (RFC) has been held among cadets of Admiral G.I. Nevelskoy Maritime State University, and the selecting was based on the score for the first semester of the academic year. According to the selection 12 cadets of the oldest maritime university of the Far East entered the RFC scholarship program.

Selection of applicants was performed by the Competition Committee, which included representatives of both Admiral G.I. Nevelskoy Maritime State University and Russian Fishery Company. Committee members had reviewed the materials submitted and interviewed cadets who had previously applied for the scholarship program. The candidates were selected in regard to their academic performance, medical indicators, sports achievements, as well as their readiness to take work experience on RFC vessels.

"What impressed the Committee most while interviewing was the involvement of the cadets themselves. They are aware of the reasons for their choices about their future profession. There was no such involvement among students 10-15 years ago. Nowadays it is a more conscious choice; the guys are ready to invest their time in their future professional competence. And so, when selecting, we try to move away from the standard features of scholarship selection and try to focus on the individuals themselves. Everyone who has been able to impress us today will be included in our scholarship program. We focused our attention on the devotion to the specialty, on the readiness to face the challenges that emerged at sea almost every day, as well as on the awareness of the specifics of the seafarer’s occupation. Loyalty to our company also mattered, because it is important for us to have active, involved young people who will stay with our company for the long run".

Andrei Rikhter, Deputy Director for HR Management at RFC

Collaboration of Russian Fishery Company and Admiral G.I. Nevelskoy Maritime State University is beneficial for future sailors not only in terms of monetary preferences, but also as an opportunity to undergo on-the-job training on new vessels, to gain invaluable experience and sailing qualification.

Valery Kazantsev, one of the Сommittee members and the Head of Department of professional competencies, noted cadets’ correct attitude and learning motivation to acquire new professional skills after interviewing them.

"I can see that the guys are serious about their training and I know that the Russian Fishery Company is one of the best in our country. First of all, the guys are attracted by the opportunity to undergo training and gain professional experience".

Valery Kazantsev, the Head of Department of professional competencies

As a reminder, in November 2022 Russian Fishery Company (RFC) and Admiral G.I. Nevelskoy Maritime State University signed an agreement on the development of the scholarship program for the University cadets. Actually the program was launched in 2021. Nowadays cadets being pursuing in seven educational fields can apply for personal scholarships.

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